Coldharbour Lane, Salisbury


Planning Authority: Wiltshire County Council

Planning policy for the Council is determined by the adopted Wiltshire Core Strategy 2015 and the Wilshire Housing Site Allocations Plan 2020. The Core Strategy provides the planning policy framework for Wilshire up to 2026.

The Council are currently undertaking a Local Plan review and is currently in consultation.

Within the adopted Core Strategy, the Site does not benefit from a specific allocation. However it is located within a Settlement Framework Borough and is subject to Policy CP1.

The Policy identifies where sustainable development should be located.

Salisbury has been identified as a principal settlement where the primary focus is development, in order to safeguard and enhance their strategic roles as employment and service centres.

The Site is not included within the current Housing Site Allocations Plan. However, it has been identified in the Salisbury Neighbourhood Development Plan call for sites which was published in February 2021.

According to the EA Flood Risk Map for Planning the Site is almost entirely included within areas of Flood Risk Zones 2 or 3.

The Site is not situated within a conservation area and there are no listed buildings or Tree Preservation Orders.

Prospective purchasers are advised they should make their own planning enquiries with Wiltshire County Council.

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